Sammy Hagar & Loverboy at Concord Pavilion

Sammy Hagar & Loverboy Tickets

Toyota Pavilion At Concord | Concord, California

Sammy Hagar & Loverboy

The rock shouts and screams are on the way to California Dreams! The Red Rocker is unleashed as Sammy Hagar brings the Best of All Worlds Tour to the Golden State for a rock-tastic night on Saturday, August 17, 2024, at Concord Pavilion, California. Get your rock music ears on gear as the band consists of Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani, and Jason Bonham, with special guest Loverboy booming the crowd with their rock-boggling tunes. As the nostalgia kicks in, the rock-metal live performance is ready to run as the fans of every generation share the crowd for an awesome night of rock splash. Featuring their iconic hits, I Can’t Drive 55, Little White Lie, and Mas Tequila, Sammy Hagar is the night’s rock czar as they blaze the stage with musical fire for an unforgettable rock experience for every Californian fan with their rock-boggling and unfazed musicality. Book the dates and secure your tickets now!

The Red Rocker is back on the road as the Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar brings the rock nostalgia to California with his The Best Of All Worlds Tour on Saturday, August 17, 2024, at Concord Pavilion, California. An all-rock experience is on everybody’s senses with the electrifying and headbanging sounds from multi-talented artists.

The American rock star started to make some buzz in the rock industry with his first band, Montrose. With his career as a solo artist, he became more famous with his red disposition, rocking a red guitar, red pants, and a sign titled red; he earned his nickname Red Rocker, which still makes some buzz today. Then, as he became the frontman of the legendary rock band Van Halen, Sammy Hagar carved his name as one of the best performers in this era with his undisputed love of rock music. He has multiple platinum awards and was a Hall of Famer for his contributions to the rock industry.

Performing with a band, Sammy Hagar will share the stage with Michael Anthony (bass), Joe Satriani (guitar), and Jason Bonham (drums). An all-star band is waiting to rock the California fans as they bring the Sammy Hagar hits, including I Can’t Drive 55, Little White Lie, and Mas Tequila, that will make every fan stand.

The prominent rock band Loverboy will also fire up the stage with their synth-rock music. Gearing their iconic bandana, the band will share the stage with Sammy Hagar for a celebration of rock music. Starring their iconic songs, including Working For The Weekend, This Could Be The Night, Lovin’ Every Minute Of It, and Hot Girls In Love, prepare for a night of fun and excitement as the rock amendment is signed headbanging.

“The music we created is going to outlive us all. They deserve to be heard until the time we go out and serve the fans that music, while we still can”, Sammy Hagar said on his inspiration on this tour.

Concord Pavilion will house the The Best Of All Worlds Tour featuring Sammy Hagar and the band with Loverboy. Equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lighting, the greatest musical entertainment, and the ability to accommodate 12,500 rock fans, an all-out rock fest is on the test as Sammy Hagar will take care of the rest. Grab your tickets now!

Sammy Hagar & Loverboy at Toyota Pavilion At Concord

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