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Toyota Pavilion At Concord | Concord, California

Lindsey Stirling

She's the violin-dancing superstar from America's Got Talent! Lindsey Stirling, set to release her newest album "Duality" this June, is launching a new tour. In support of her upcoming record, The Duality US Tour 24 will take the iconic violinist on the road for two months this summer. Her tour includes a special stop at Concord Pavilion on Friday, September 6. An AGT quarterfinalist back in 2010 and finishing at second place on "Dancing with the Stars", she's dazzled and amazed audiences for her unique choreographed performances whilst playing the violin. She definitely showed us something unconventional, but has since astounded audiences around the globe. Her new album follows her last album "Snow Waltz" and her holiday tours. Dropping her new single "Eye Of The Untold Her", Duality is set to explore the inner depths of Stirling's soul through song. With a massive new era coming up, make sure to save your spots at the show. Book those tickets now!

Dazzling the crowd with her performances for "Snow Waltz", Lindsey Stirling is switching things up. Set to release her upcoming album "Duality" this June 14th via Concord Records, she gave fans a glimpse of what to expect with her new single "Eye Of The Untold Her". Known as an AGT alum for her show stopping performances on the violin, the iconic star incorporates dance with the strings, definitely a unique thing to see on stage. Next thing we know, we were all hooked on her talent.

"Eye Of The Untold Her" offers a magical listening experience, taking everyone on a journey of introspection and intuition. Stirling's new album is largely inspired by her exploration of her deep-rooted feelings. It's her most daring and "emotionally complex" album yet. "The title ‘Duality’ resonated with me deeply as it reflects the inner conflict I often experience," Lindsey shared.

In a recent statement, the artist shared how she hopes that this song can inspire people to discover their true potential, free from any conflicts and obstacles of fear and judgement.

"If only we could all see our full potential; what we could become. I think we would amaze ourselves. However we let disappointment, momentary failure, and the opinions of others discourage us," she shared. "Beyond what our minds can comprehend and what outside sources tell us, we all have an inner eye that can tell us where our truest course lies. Listening to that will help us find our richest life,"

The album will be divided into two halves - her signature modern and traditional sound production style, and a more theatrical and cinematic vibe for the other. You're definitely in for a new era of her mesmerizing musical wonders. "It was during this exploration that I crafted this album."

"Duality" follows her last album, "Snow Waltz", which served a couple of holiday favorites and dazzling originals - "Crazy for Christmas" featuring Bonnie McKee, "Snow Waltz", "Christmas Time with You" featuring Frawley, "Ice Storm", and "Magic" featuring David Archuleta.

Now, set to launch her new US tour in full swing, get ready to unlock your full potential with her new soul-healing anthems. Taking it for a live spin, it's bound to be a healing moment for all attendees. "Lindsey’s shows are eye-catching and inspiring," shared a recent press release, citing her breathtaking aerial Lyra acts, stunning costumes, captivating choreography, and amazing production. She never fails to "seamlessly blends music, dance, and visual artistry into a singular, unforgettable experience, leaving audiences spellbound and inspired,"

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Lindsey Stirling at Toyota Pavilion At Concord

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