The Concord Pavilion is located in the heart of sunny California, and is one of the top places to the biggest and best music artists in the world.  With an outdoor lawn area the venue hosts festivals, school events and is perfect for sitting back in the sun and enjoying the music and out door atmospheres. We use a trusted ticket marketplace to provide the best quality prices and deals.

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Concord Pavilion Tickets

Outdoor Lawn Seating

Located in Concord, California, the Concord Pavilion is an amphitheatre like no other. With a smaller capacity than some other venues at 12,500 people, the atmosphere which is created is second to none! This venue has a breathtaking design which simply must be experienced, benefitting with both indoor and outdoor spaces to enjoy your favorite performers however you choose. Of course it’s one of the most popular amphitheatres in the state when it comes to live music events.

During those gorgeous summer months, no one wants to be stuck inside (and that goes for the performers too), that’s why many fans choose to see their favorite bands, performers, and artists at an amphitheatre so that they can savour the outside lawn seating and bask in the sunshine throughout the concert. With a more than sufficient 12,500 capacity, you’ll be amongst a crowd of passionate fans who are all excited to see the show, creating a truly spectacular atmosphere. So grab an ice-cold drink and choose to watch your next concert in the sunshine surrounded by your closest friends and family.

Due to its popularity and open-air seating, this venue is steadily becoming one of the most popular venues in the country, and with such popularity comes a high demand. For this reason, the Concord Pavilion encourages visitors to bring their own lawn chairs for added comfort, however chairs can also be provided on arrival.

VIP Packages

Looking to make your visit to the Concord Pavilion that much more special? Then you’ll probably like to hear about the VIP Packages which are available with benefits ranging from exclusive seating and additional access to meet and greets and VIP boxes, these tickets are sure to make special occasions unforgettable.

As well as the standard entry tickets which are on sale, visitors have the option to secure a range of different VIP options which will make for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. As well as the benefits listed above, you can enjoy the private entrances avoiding queues, private parking lots, and premium seating which is exclusive to VIP ticket holders.

The VIP Packages which are available at the Concord Pavilion are one of a kind, and provide their visitors with the full five-star experience which every crave. So sit back, enjoy the show, and savour the clearest views of the stage with a huge choice of refreshments from the elite wait service so you don’t miss a moment of the performance.

So, if you’re searching for the perfect way to add that special something to an already incredible night you have planned, secure a VIP Package to create an unforgettable memory for you and your friends or family.

Concord Pavilion Ticket policy

Last Minute Downloadable Tickets

You’re getting ready for the show, making sure you’ve got everything you need, wallet, check, keys, check, you think you’re good to go! But when you get to the concert you realise you needed to print your tickets. Well no more, because now through our new partner Ticket Squeeze you will be able to download your tickets straight to your mobile device from the moment you receive your confirmation email through to the actual start of the event.

Our new partner, Ticket Squeeze, is one of the leading ticketing companies in the world, famous for delivering their customers with the simplest, fastest, and most reliable ticket purchasing experience anywhere. That’s why from the moment you receive your confirmation email you’ll also be sent a downloadable version of your tickets which just needs to be shown to the door staff upon entry to the Concord Pavilion. How much simpler could it be?

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid delays please make sure your mobile device is fully charged so that you are able to display your ticket. Failure to do so may cause significant delays and you may even be denied entry. So, please ensure your mobile device is fully charged!

Group Seating

For some reason, it seems that some ticketing companies think ticket buyers are going to the show on their own. This seems bizarre to us, which is why we now promise that all purchases via our preferred ticketing partner Ticket Squeeze will be seated directly next to each other. What’s more, you won’t be charged a premium for this either!

No group who are going to see what might be their first concert wants to experience it from different sides of the stadium, and with Ticket Squeeze’s promise to deliver their customers the best ticketing experience, we now work together to make sure this is never the case. Giving our customers what is truly the best ticketing experience possible!

Low Prices & Low Fees

Constantly searching through the entire internet to find the best priced tickets for live concerts can often be an absolute nightmare. And unfortunately, with so many untrustworthy websites popping up offering impossible prices, it’s hard to be sure which companies to trust. That’s why we partnered with Ticket Squeeze, one of the market leaders in online ticketing to give our customers the best price for tickets, whilst guaranteeing authenticity.

We provide all of our customers with a low price guarantee, meaning that all of our tickets will be between 5% and 45% lower than any other online ticketing site. It’s no surprise Ticket Squeeze are leading the way when it comes to ticketing.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Ticket Squeeze’s commitment to their customers doesn’t just start and end at the point of sale, it begins from the moment you search for tickets and carries on and covers everything from authenticity through to the moment you arrive at the venue!

Sometimes, events get cancelled or postponed and unfortunately there is nothing that can be done. However, how your ticket is managed after this point is so important, and Ticket Squeeze pride themselves on guaranteeing you 100% security during this time also. We know when this happens it sucks for fans, that’s why we try and do everything we can to make it as stress-free as possible. So, as long as you purchase your tickets through Ticket Squeeze, there is a cancellation and refund policy which is strictly adhered to ensuring customers complete protection including a complete refund and/or a valid ticket for the rescheduled event date.

PLEASE NOTE: The above guarantees are ONLY valid for tickets purchased through our preferred ticket seller; Ticket Squeeze.

If you purchase any tickets for the Concord Pavilion through a different seller or provider, ALWAYS make sure that the price is correct and that all terms & conditions have been read to ensure that you are fully protected and the tickets are 100% authentic.

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